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thumbs upIN THE year
from Aug 2014 to July 2015,
 I did not make any contribution to my SRS account but instead made 2 withdrawals last year and early this year, totalling $110,000. 

My SRS balance to date = $176,107 (Share value = $126,835, cash = $49,272 and minus $110,000 withdrawal).

My withdrawals were due to a lot of uncertainties prevailing during the second half of last year and so far this year: end of QE3 and US Federal Reserve signalling its intention to increase interest rates. 

Next, the plunge in crude oil prices early this year. Lately, the sell-off in China‚Äôs stock markets and the fall in the many currencies against the US dollar. 

My profit for the year (Aug 2014-July 2015?) is about $4,500. My performance for the year is 2.6%. This calculation is based on a principal sum of $176,835.

When we look at the CPF Ordinary Account rate of 2.5% p. a., my performance is still a 0.1 percentage point higher than the CPF rate. 

The STI for the period fell by 5.1%.(STI @ 31/7/2014 = 3374 and @ 31/7/2015 = 3202).

Thus, inspite of the difficult market conditions my SRS growth for the year of 2.6% is still not too bad.

Changes In My SRS Portfolio:


Bonvests - 30,000 shares

Chip Eng Seng - 25,000 shares

First Reit - 10,000 shares

Stamford Land - 20,000 shares

Reasons: Increased my cash holding as bull markets have been running for over 6 years. The others reasons were tapering of QE3, the impending increase in interest rates, slowing growth in China and the fall in crude oil price.


Cordlife - Reduced from 25,000 shares to 15,000 shares.

Reasons: Short term upside limited as the company needs time to digest its overseas venture.


Hai Leck Holding - Bought 35,000 shares in January 2015, and I now own a total of 85,000 shares.

Reasons: Company is debt free and offers good dividend yield. The fall in oil price had impacted the share price of this stock.

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#6 Rock 2016-03-23 20:03
Hi edward koh, withdrawal from SRS account 50% are taxable. For example I had withdraw $55k, $27.5k are taxable income.
All profit made will be in the SRS account.
#5 edward koh 2016-03-19 19:29
Hi, can i check with you on the SRS account? The profit earned on your srs account, is it taxable too? And in your case, all these profit will be going back to srs account ?
+1 #4 Rock 2016-02-01 12:44
Sorry LCP I'm not qualify to teach. What I can do is to share my experience. Investment need lots of patient!!! Risk management is very inportant, cut lost if necessary and avoid investment pitfall. Do not focus on day to day market share price but focus on the 'POTENTIAL OF THE COMPANY BUSINESS'. Take some profit when you believe the stock is overprice. Never regrad your action.
My post in the "Sound Investment" will be helpful to you.
#3 LCP 2016-01-19 18:03
Hi Rock,

I'm impressed with your performance. Do you teach because I would like to learn from you.
+1 #2 Rock 2015-08-31 13:57
Thanks for your interest. I'm still holding onto 88,000 Straco shares. Straco is still profitable, able to generate strong free cash flow. During the recent difficult market conditions there is no panic selling on Straco, daily trading volume is very low.
#1 1ck 2015-08-31 08:24
Well done Rock! I re-visited your 2014 article, and did some comparisons. There is one stock you have not mentioned in your latest article -- Straco -- which you owned as of the previous article. What's your position on this stock ?

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